Hiring Redcliffe Caves for Commercial Ventures.

This includes filming, art installations, performance, any student projects.

The overlaying principal is that the caves must not be damaged in any way. This means that if any installation is required it must be temporary and there will not be any drilling into the rock or painting on the rock. The caves must be left exactly as they are found e.g. no litter or film set materials remaining.

A full Health and Safety must be submitted to Bristol City Council and approved before any planning of the event can take place.

For the duration of each event the entrance gate must be left open (not locked) and manned at all times.

Electricity is available from the box directly (supplied to two sockets just inside the caves) outside the caves but before this is used permission to use it must be obtained from Bristol City Council.

The film office should communicate with the Harbour Master’s Office to inform them when filming is taking place in the caves.

In all cases lighting and backup lighting must be provided.

People must not be allowed to wander off as it is easy to get lost in the caves and this could result in being locked in.

Any event should have the appropriate insurance cover and this should be submitted to Bristol City Council prior to the event.

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